My Dear Ones,


It is an honor to be with you.


As I came into the earth plane many eons ago it became apparent there was a need to protect this planet. There were many who would resist this and I became the Guardian of Earth.  


There is so much to tell about the beginnings of time.  Long ago as we traveled the universes we found there were many who needed and wanted our aid.  I am from Venus.  My name is Ashtar.  In the language of the Venusians it would translate in English to Love.  We began our world with love and understanding and as we were a large population we grew beyond our means.   As we grew we found ourselves in a destructive pattern. It was necessary to leave or be disintegrated by the heat of our sun.  So we left for the space station.


As Commander of the Ashtar Federation we gathered, with the understanding that there were thousands who wished to go to space and there were those who wished to reside on a planet.  We agreed to find the nearest most inhabitable planet which would be capable of life support for us to live on.  Upon reaching earth we found it to be the best solution for our population.  We were much like earthlings and able to blend in without difficulty. So, many were left on earth to live out their lives.  


We as a collective became very connected to our loved ones and our beloved earth and it was decided this would be our home.  Some of us decided we would like to move on into space to explore other galaxies. Thus the Star of Ashtar was born.  Our star is located as seen from earth in the approximate location of Arcturus.


It is my mission to serve as the Ambassador of Love and Light for the purpose of peace throughout the universes.  We find our mission is to share Universal Truths blended with love and support of living things. Upon earth I bring love, a love of the greatest kind, God’s love.  I represent the love of God for all to see.  It is through the act of love and light that I find myself interacting with the population of earth.  


With the Blessings of the All,

This is ASHTAR.