Love and Compassion; Ashtar traits

Love and Compassion

June 10, 2024

They are often overlooked, but Fathers also exhibit Love and Compassion Overlooked According to my Google search, Mother’s Day is the second-highest gift-giving holiday.  Christmas is #1, but Father’s Day comes in at number five!  I would love to be…

The Spiritual Principle of Universal Alignment is at work all the time

Universal Alignment

June 3, 2024

The Spiritual Principle of Universal Alignment is a real mouthful, but what a wonderful confluence.  This week Ashtar’s video discusses just this joining of words. It all comes together This week, in the early morning sky you may be able…

The Spiritual Principle of Will, was that what lead me to this fun moment?

The Spiritual Principle of Will

May 27, 2024

The Spiritual Principle of Will is one of those thought processes which are so much fun. Is it my choice? Let’s start this way; when you do something is it through your will or Universal Will that you are doing…

Live in the spiritual principle of God Within

The God Within

May 20, 2024

Is it too much for you to absorb that you have the God Within? What an amazing understanding Ashtar has been teaching beings from around the Universe for countless years.  As the Ambassador of Love he has been free with…

Lady Ashtar shares her Spiritual Truth about expansion and love

Spiritual Principle of Truth

May 12, 2024

The Spiritual Principle of Truth is a real thing. Breaking it down There is truth.  That’s where what we say to each other is real.  Then there is Universal Truth or God Truth.  Being honest with each other is important.…

Terries Japanese Mom

Mothers Day

May 6, 2024

Yes, Mothers Day is just around the corner.  In addition to being time to make sure you have a gift (if you are blessed to have your Mother with us) it is a great time to think about Love. Unconditional…

The God within lets us do amazing things

The God Within

April 28, 2024

What do we mean when we speak about The God Within? Two perspectives When we speak Biblically, especially in the book of Matthew, Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God as being within.  From the Buddhist perspective the Kingdom of…

Lady Ashtar at Delphi asking the question; Why?


April 22, 2024

Why, if there is a God, a Universal Presence which loves and supports us, is there war? The eternal question During my visit to the Temple of Apollo and Delphi last month Ashtar addressed the eternal question. The Temple of…

The Navel of the Earth where I worked a long time ago.

A long time ago

April 15, 2024

The first time I was at Delphi was a long time ago.  Something along the lines of 3400 years ago.  Needless to say, this was a long delayed homecoming! Spiritual Principles For the past 19 months Ashtar has been giving…

Butterfly blessings is part of the Spiritual Principle of Transformation

Spiritual Principle of Transformation

April 7, 2024

The Spiritual Principle of Transformation is evident in nature, but it happens to you as an individual as well. Natures’ Transformation As Winter melts into Spring many of us actually experience the change physically; we experience renewed energy.  As we…