Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar in the process of manifestation


September 18, 2023

Your life is a manifestation of your desires.  The question is, have you reviewed your desires? The creative force As a powerful manifester, have you reviewed what it is you are putting into consciousness to be manifested?  U-turns are completely…

Lady Ashtar, Create!


September 10, 2023

I know you create your life.  You know that what you experience is a direct result of your viewpoint.  Now, it’s time to put these truths into practice. Want to be happy? No matter how happy you are right now,…

Reflection in a quiet space


September 4, 2023

Reflection is a wonderful thing, as long as we don’t get stuck there. Looking forward This week Ashtar’s Intention revolves around looking to our past then deciding how we want to shape our future.  This is a balanced approach to…

Lady Ashtar reaches out in love

Reach Out

August 29, 2023

It is time to reach out to those who will support you in allowing your Inner Child in play. Labor Day At the end of this week we will be celebrating Labor Day.  For some people this means the end…

Enjoy life to the fullest

Enjoy Life

August 20, 2023

When Ashtar suggests I enjoy life, who am I to argue!  This week it’s off to Honolulu for a week of rest and relaxation. What’s the point? What’s the point of polishing up your spiritual skills if it’s not to…

Play in companionship.


August 13, 2023

Companionship in your play opens you to new expressions of yourself.  Isn’t that an interesting concept? We are tied together Whatever interaction we have with others ties us together.  Ashtar has often spoken about the Karmic ties we have with…

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons is excited about including play in her life

I will play

August 6, 2023

When you think of your Spiritual Practice, do you ever say, “I will play?” Growth can be fun! Here we are in August, can you believe that?  Ashtar and I had a good laugh when we told him this was…

Play in companionship.


July 31, 2023

If you were to simply embrace how powerful you are, it would rock your world. Powerful Powerful is a word Ashtar uses often.  Almost every time, he is speaking about you.  How often we forget that we are the Universe…

It’s no accident

July 24, 2023

When we look at our lives it’s no accident how we came to be where we are. How we came to be here The journey of our life is the result of every thought, action, and relationship we have experienced.…

Lady Ashtar shares her excitement about expansion and love


July 17, 2023

When Ashtar gave the the title “Expansion” for this video I have to admit the first thought was about my waistline!  I certainly don’t want to expand that! Life is a process We work on our Spiritual Growth.  We study and…