October is time for fun

Lady Ashtar in her meditation garden

October is time for fun!  I mean with Halloween, parties and costumes as a part of the month, how could it not be fun! Celebrating the inner child No matter what costume you choose to wear for Halloween it means you are celebrating your inner child.  Even if our “job” is to take the little…

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What did you miss?

What did you miss during the most recent Ashtar Zoom session?  Ashtar spoke about the Autumn Equinox 2021 and its effects and opportunities.  It was an amazing session! These Zoom sessions are so much fun to do!  We set aside three hours to sit with Ashtar as he does his teachings.  Of course it is not…

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Ashtar Equinox Zoom session

This year has managed to fly by so quickly and here we are ready for the Ashtar Equinox Zoom session!  The actual equinox is on September 22 but I will be with a group in Japan on that date so we are choosing to prepare for the beginning of Autumn on Monday, September 20. Ashtar…

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Join us for an Ashtar Zoom!

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons

A little while ago I invited you to join us for an Ashtar Zoom session but didn’t reveal the topic.  The time has come, dear friends, to fill in the details. Ashtar’s Twelve steps of Ascension Yes, one of the most popular meditations Ashtar does, the Twelve Steps of Ascension will be the focus of…

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The Ambassador of Love.

Wishing on love

The Ambassador of Love is one of  Ashtar’s titles.  You may know him as Commander Ashtar, or Lord Ashtar but love is the reason he comes through me.  And since we are coming up on one of the most popular days to celebrate love, what better time to join the Ambassador of Love than on…

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Thank you from Ashtar

, A great big thank you from Ashtar and myself!  Our January Zoom session has booked to overflowing.  As an ascended master, Ashtar doesn’t have to consider the time factor.  Those of us who are living on the 3rd dimension do have to watch the time.  We want everyone who attends our session to get…

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Ashtar Guides and Guardians

Lady Ashtar welcomes you

Guides and Guardians is the topic for our first Zoom event of 2021 .  That’s right, with Ashtar as your guide this is your opportunity to see who is helping you as we step into 2021.`This is just like the sessions we offered in person before the Covid shutdown.  Now you can do it right…

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Ashtar’s New Year Message

Offering Ashtar’s New Year Message publicly is something we have been doing for several years now.  Most of the time the message is recorded in my office but year we are doing something a little different.  We are offering you the opportunity to sit in as Ashtar, the 11th dimension Ascended Master, goes live on…

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The secret code

The secret code for Ashtar’s New Year Message for our subscribers is: ANYM.  As a subscriber to Ladyashtar.com you qualify for this special discount.  When you go to the store on Ladyashtar.com you will see a very fun picture of me getting ready for Christmas in my magical hat. In fact it looks just like…

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Better be nice!

I've been good

  You better  be nice is the wisdom of the old song as we approach Christmas, but one thing I know about Ashtar’s people, they do their very best to be nice all year long.  We at Ladyashtar.com want to be nice too!  That’s why we are doing something very special this year. Ashtar’s New…

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