Chiang Mai 2020

     Imagine walking through ancient jungles teaming with life.  All around you the sounds of life chirp, squawk and chatter.  Through the dense forest the forms of a centuries-old Temple begin to take shape.  You push on through and suddenly you are surrounded by a Wat that has welcomed visitors for countless years.  You can feel the prayerful energy all around you as you slip into meditation.
     Or, visualize yourself comfortably relaxed on a massage table as a delicate, yet powerful, Thai masseuse frees your body of every last vestige of tension, then you visit the evening market to be surrounded by exotic sights, sounds and aromas.
     Perhaps what you want is to accelerate your personal ascension by meditating with Ashtar as your guide.  Far from your worldly cares, free to reach deeper and higher planes than you have ever experienced.
     All this is yours, if you join Lady Ashtar (Terrie Symons) on an exclusive journey through space and time to the wonderland of Chiang Mai, Thailand, high in the northern section of the ancient kingdom of Siam January 21-28, 2020.
     Included in this remarkable experience will be: Sessions with Ashtar, tours of local Temples, City Tours, visits to the evening market, a sunrise ceremony at the top of Wat Charom Prakiat (The Temple of the Sky.  Stay in a spacious cottage, play with the elephants at the Baby Elephant Rescue grounds and more! 
     From Osaka, the entire experience is only 350,000 Yen (approx $3500.00) with air, ground transportation and accommodation.  If you wish to make your own travel arrangements directly, please contact us for special pricing.
     Ashtar.  Lady Ashtar. History and life unfolds before your very eyes.  What a remarkable opportunity.
For more information in Japan, please contact Studio Kara, Osaka.  For more information in the US, please email