Tour Update

Lady Ashtar returns to Japan in March 2020.  

Keep checking back for details about the 2020 Ashtar Star Seed Tour!  Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Tucson, Phoenix, San Diego and Hawaii.

The Lady Ashtar Story

The story of how Terrie Symons became the world famous Lady Ashtar channeling to audiences around the world.


This compelling story will keep you spellbound!  Get your copy from Amazon.com.. Now available in Japanese!

Thank you for your session with Ashtar last night!  He provided me a great insight and helped me understand myself.

M, Tokyo, Japan

"Just blew me away!  Still trying to process all the beauty, wisdom, humor and LOVE I felt in this precious space.

M. Albuquerque, NM

(Ashtar) gave me tremendous confidence and love and light.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I would love to come back to see you again.

Y. Irvine, CA

Chiang Mai Tour

Join Lady Ashtar, Ashtar and Yuka Okawa Rinehart in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand January 21-January 28, 2020.  Visit ancient Temples, bask in the wonder of the high country, get a Thai massage, play with elephants, and best of all, participate in many unique Ashtar sessions.

This once in-a-lifetime experience is yours through Studio Kara of Osaka, Japan.  For US residents, contact Revbriangraham@gmail.com.  See more at the Chiang Mai tour page.

Private Ashtar Sessions

You can book a private session with Ashtar! Sessions range from 15 minutes to and hour or more.  In person, on the telephone, via Skype or FaceTime, the choice is yours.  Contact us for scheduling opportunities.

While I still have some healing work to do, I find a great relish in your guidance and spiritual healing.  Thank you for your gifts from the Universe and for all of the healing your bring forward to us here in this realm.

D. California

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Lady Ashtar lives in San Diego, CA but travels nationally and internationally for workshops, retreats, and private sessions. 
She channels in person, on the phone, through Skype and FaceTime.
Rev. Dr. Terrie Symons, D.Min.  

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