Love and Compassion

They are often overlooked, but Fathers also exhibit Love and Compassion


According to my Google search, Mother’s Day is the second-highest gift-giving holiday.  Christmas is #1, but Father’s Day comes in at number five!  I would love to be able to explain why this is but I am at a loss.  Maybe if we talk it through.

Certainly the reason behind this oversight has little to do with the Love and Compassion Fathers exhibit.  Perhaps we simply do not recognize how these traits show up in our lives.  Whereas Mothers are remembered for their personal touches, a Fathers contributions are less obvious.

This week’s video

Ashtar devotes this week’s video to the Fathers in our lives.  Please remember, a Father is not necessarily a biological definition.  A Father is not necessarily even related.  As we listen to what Ashtar has to say we remember some key words.  There is masculine energy, compassion, dedication, purpose, prosperity and kindness.

This opens many pathways to recognizing Fathers in our  lives.  And once again we are back to discussing the balance in our lives.  Perhaps we even have to open ourselves to the possibility that a Father figure might be someone who is not even physically present.

Think for yourself

One of the things I love about Ashtar is that he doesn’t tell us what to think.  He opens doors so we can learn for ourselves.  Come to think of it, Ashtar exhibits all the qualities I have already listed.  Certainly he exhibits love and compassion for us!  Maybe I should be looking for a Fathers Day gift for Him!  The problem is, what do you give an Ascended Master?  Maybe just a heartfelt thank you for being all these things to us would suffice?  Just saying!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,


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