• Lady Ashtar

It's raining!

You may have seen one of the videos I sent out to offer blessings and comfort to those in Japan who have been so hard-hit by rains, and even earthquakes this summer. Many sections of JR track have been closed due to landslides, and down here in Higashihiroshima the rain continues. Once again I call upon Ashtar and all the Ascended Masters to help those who have been enduring this difficult season to find comfort as they piece their lives back together.

Yes, I am in Higashihiroshima once again, just a short train ride from Hiroshima itself. Our first evening here Yuka Okawa Reinhart, my translator, and I visited a restaurant here in town that specializes in one of the local delicacies. The pictures below show the preparation of one of my favorite dishes; Okunomiyaki, which loosely translated may mean "what you like on the grill." There is no end to what is contained in these delicious crepe/pancake/omelet treats: veggies, ham, bacon, cabbage, seafood, noodles, you name it, they will put it in. Then it is all grilled-up together into a mouth-watering meal. Yum! Oishii!

We are only here for two days then it is off to Osaka for three days. Which reminds me, is there a frequent rider program for the JR trains? I should have lots and lots of miles!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie :-)

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