• Lady Ashtar

Finally Fukuoka

The final three days of Ashtar sessions for my fall tour of Japan begins Friday in Fukuoka.  This has been an amazing trip to Japan for me; I have had some of the most fantastic experience, met some of the most wonderful people, and shared in some of the most delightful events yet.  I want to thank everyone who has made this tour such an amazing success.  

Today is a day off so I will be heading out to see some of the magnificent scenery around Fukuoka which should result in more pictures, but for now I want to share some of my random images from the past few days.  Cats, Squirrels, Gorillas and Star Wars planes just to name a few.  

I will be back in Japan during November for a few weeks, so if you did not catch up with me this time, there will be another opportunity soon.  

Many blessings of Universal love,

Terrie :-)

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