• Lady Ashtar

What a wonderful night

This week Ashtar and I had the opportunity to speak before a group of about 80 people for an event held by Dynavision in Tokyo. I was overwhelmed! My heart is so full I hardly know what to say. At the same time my heart is heavy. I learned that there were a lot of people who applied to attend this program, but could not get tickets to join us, so on one hand I am happy so many people wanted to join us, on the other hand, it makes me sad when we cannot find a way to bring everybody into the presence of Ashtar. My friend and interpreter Yuka and I wanted to say thank you to both groups of people so we put this video together to do just that.

For my American friends; this is a little insight to how I work over half the year, speaking through a Japanese translator. It is a little different than you are familiar with.

Meanwhile, I continue with sessions for another week in Tokyo, then I move on to Osaka. Thank you everyone, around the world for the love you are showing to Ashtar and myself,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie :-)

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