• Lady Ashtar

Osaka time!

Nine days of beautiful, wonderful, exciting and love-filled sessions in Tokyo have come to an end. Over the past days we have done private sessions, a remove activation, a really fun large group session, a couple of group sessions and a visit to Tanashi Shrine. And that is just the beginning for the Dynavision portion of this Winter visit to Japan. I want to thank my support staff in Tokyo by putting their photo up. At the 9:00 position is Nozomi-san, top is Aoi-san, I am at the 3:00 position and my interpreter Yuka-san is at the lower portion of the picture. And the kitten slippers kept my toes warm, thank you! We had a wonderful time and I am so grateful for all their work.

Now it is on to Osaka where we will be doing six days; five days of sessions and one day off. If you are in the Osaka area and would like to be part of our fun, please contact info@dynavision for more information.

Meanwhile, as always, I wish you love, joy, peace, harmony and prosperity in all you do.

Many Blessings of Universal Love


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