Soul Mates

Love on the beach

Soul Mates.  You have heard that term many times, I am certain.  If I had to guess I would say over 70% of the people who come to Ashtar and myself have at least one question about Soul Mates or romance in general.  In fact this video was the result of a question asked during…

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Ashtar Zoom

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons

Happy February!  Did you remember that this Sunday, February 27 we will be having another Ashtar Zoom?  You still have time to join us. It’s Guides and Guardians Yes, this month Ashtar will be telling you who your current guides and guardians are.  He will also be giving you a message, and taking questions.  The…

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The month of love

February, as Ashtar tells us, is the month of love.  A time when we consciously choose to find the love that binds us.  It’s also the month when Ashtar returns with his famous “Guides and Guardians” Zoom session! The Ashtar Zoom For the month of love you just know some of the messages Ashtar shares…

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Listen to Ashtar

Citizens of Planet Earth

It really does pay to listen to Ashtar.  When this Covid thing began he was telling us to take the usual Flu precautions; wash our hands, keep our distance and wear a mask.  When the vaccines became available he told us to get vaccinated.  I followed his advice and it paid off. In the middle…

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The Ambassador of Love.

Wishing on love

The Ambassador of Love is one of  Ashtar’s titles.  You may know him as Commander Ashtar, or Lord Ashtar but love is the reason he comes through me.  And since we are coming up on one of the most popular days to celebrate love, what better time to join the Ambassador of Love than on…

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Join us on Zoom!

I am so excited!  The Lady Ashtar International team has arranged a real Group Session with myself and Ashtar on Zoom! This will be a full group session, just like we used to do in locations across the U.S.  Ashtar will give a message to the group, then he will introduce you to the guide…

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It is never too late.

As I contemplate the final few hours of this summer tour of Japan my mind goes back over the many, many people who have supported me this past month.  I have done my best to tell each and every one of them how much I appreciate their love, their help, their laughter, but I know…

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