Enjoy Life

Enjoy life to the fullest

When Ashtar suggests I enjoy life, who am I to argue!  This week it’s off to Honolulu for a week of rest and relaxation. What’s the point? What’s the point of polishing up your spiritual skills if it’s not to enjoy life more?  This study is more than “do this, don’t do that.” The whole…

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Lady Ashtar shares her excitement about expansion and love

When Ashtar gave the the title “Expansion” for this video I have to admit the first thought was about my waistline!  I certainly don’t want to expand that! Life is a process We work on our Spiritual Growth.  We study and reflect upon our lives.  Sometimes we have major breakthroughs, sometimes they are subtle, but it…

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Aloha and Mahalo

Aloha to you for following Ashtar and myself as we travel around the world.  2019 is shaping-up to be even more amazing than 2018 has already been, and to that I say “Thank you God!”   As you have probably seen, Brian and I are on the Big Island of Hawaii right now, enjoying a…

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