Mother Earth

Citizens of Planet Earth

We call it “Mother Earth” for good reason.  She is not only our home but our sustenance as well. Week 4, February 2023 I think by now we all know that where we give our intentions will grow.  This includes this beautiful planet we call home.  This week Ashtar’s Intention revolves around Mother Earth, our home,…

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Love for Family

Love on the beach

I have so much love for my family, and you are all my family.  Simply put this means I have love for you. What is family Family is a collection of hearts.  Some hearts have been met, others are on the way.   Family has less to do with our biological connections and more to…

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You can change the world

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know you can change the world?  Not only know you can change the world, but exactly how to do it?   At our Sedona retreat in February Ashtar provided us this roadmap to do just that.  Enjoy this video and see if you have ten seconds in your life to change…

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