Thank you for a wonderful year

Citizens of Planet Earth

I want to take a moment and say thank you for a wonderful year.  I know that at the beginning of 2021 we all hoped that by this time we would be moving about freely. We haven’t quite reached that point yet.  However, your love and support these past twelve months has touched my heart…

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Sagamihara, Sagamihara!

There is something so lyrical about that name, Sagamihara!  For the past couple of days I have been based here doing sessions with Atelier Salon, hosted by Kaori Maruyama, and at the Salon in the Sky with Junko Shimoyama and Sho-chan.  My heart’s love to all of my hosts and our guests.  After being in the middle of Tokyo…

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What happened to Venus?

You know that Ashtar is originally from Venus.  You also know that today we know Venus is a cloud shrouded planet with a very high surface temperature.  But what happened to Venus that created the planet we know?  Could it happen here on earth as well?   Ashtar shared the story with us late last…

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