Random Acts of Kindness

April 6, 2024 session

For the first week of February 2023 Ashtar wants to talk about Random Acts of Kindness. We never know You know, a subtle act of kindness to another usually doesn’t usually require anything from us.  Offering a smile to someone, letting someone go ahead of us in line.  Yes, these are Random Acts of Kindness.…

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The month of love

February, as Ashtar tells us, is the month of love.  A time when we consciously choose to find the love that binds us.  It’s also the month when Ashtar returns with his famous “Guides and Guardians” Zoom session! The Ashtar Zoom For the month of love you just know some of the messages Ashtar shares…

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Arigato Gosaimas Japan

It is hard to believe that three months have passed so quickly, but here I am, saying goodbye again to my wonderful friends of Japan.  This has been an amazing tour.  The people who seek Ashtar’s counsel throughout this beautiful country leave with a little piece of my heart.  We have done hundreds of private…

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