Spring begins

Lady Ashtar in nature

This is the week that Spring begins…hurrah! How has your winter been? I don’t know about where you live, but our Winter here in California has been filled with the blessings of rain.  In some cases the blessings have been a bit overwhelming!  But it is important at any time of year to look for…

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Spring arrives

The month of March is when spring arrives.  For some it will be blustery, for some the air will be placid and warm. Spring means rebirth All around us we see rebirth.  Flowers popping out of the brown hills, buds on the trees, mating dances of all kinds, everywhere.  Why should rebirth only apply to…

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Such a busy week!

Love on the beach

I don’t know about you, but in my home this is such a busy week! Take the time Even when your life gets busy, there should always be the time to do a Random Act of Kindness here and there.  Sometimes we think of these events as something that we do with people outside our…

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Joy, Joy, Joy

Here in the beautiful little town of Fujinomiya, at the foot of Mt. Fuji, I have found so many reasons to be joyful.  First off, working with Chiharu Yamada at Elpis salon is a true delight; from the people who came to see Ashtar, to the salon itself, and especially the love that has been…

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Thank you Dyanvision!

Last night Brian and I had the most heart-filling experience.  The wonderful people at Dyanavision, who support  weeks of the Lady Ashtar tour here in Japan, hosted a wedding party for us.  When we arrived the entire crowd was clapping and cheering, sending us so much love!  The party was at the Pancake House, which…

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