Learning acceptance is one of our challenges

Acceptance is not the same thing as resignation. Learning to look for the good I fully understand that the idea of acceptance of what is happening around us might look like resignation, but think about it.  This Spiritual Principle encourages us to look beyond our limited human viewpoint and see things as they are.  As…

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Ashtar brings you Wisdom

Wisdom is far more than knowing stuff or having lived long enough to gain knowledge. Spiritual Principles continue. This month Ashtar has kept on track speaking about Spiritual Principles.  We all use Spiritual Principles but when we understand what they are and how they work, we are far more powerful.  This week Ashtar’s intention revolves…

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Who is most important?

Prayer in all things

Ask yourself, “Who is most important?”  Are you going to say, “my children?” or “my family?”  Take a moment and think about it honestly.  You cannot give what you do not have. The importance of re-filling yourself As Ashtar tells us so often, “To receive unconditional love, you must first give unconditional love.”  That means…

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I touched God today

So what does a spiritual teacher do on her day off?  Why, visit spiritual sites, of course!  Yuka san, my interpreter, and Meguimi Kawai of Studio Kara and I took a road-trip to Tôdaiji Temple.  I am moved deeply by visits to both Shrines and Temples as you might imagine, but Todaiji has several other…

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I live among Angels

Yes, even I, who live every moment of my life with an Ascended Master speaking to and through me, get an illness now and then.  For the past two months my Doctors and I have been trying to get me free of an especially nasty bug, but yesterday in Sagamihara with Junko-San it looked like the…

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