Intention for the week

I certainly hope you enjoyed the intention for the week.  This was the first of the Ashtar Intention series which will offer a new intention each week. For the month of October Ashtar is offering an intention for the week about abundance.  All four intentions revolved around abundance and its components.  Ashtar always seems to…

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Ashtar Zoom

The Spiritual Principle of Easter

Happy February!  Did you remember that this Sunday, February 27 we will be having another Ashtar Zoom?  You still have time to join us. It’s Guides and Guardians Yes, this month Ashtar will be telling you who your current guides and guardians are.  He will also be giving you a message, and taking questions.  The…

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Listen to Ashtar

Citizens of Planet Earth

It really does pay to listen to Ashtar.  When this Covid thing began he was telling us to take the usual Flu precautions; wash our hands, keep our distance and wear a mask.  When the vaccines became available he told us to get vaccinated.  I followed his advice and it paid off. In the middle…

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