Sharing the Joy

Messages of Universal Love

I will be the first to admit that sharing the joy of this fall season can be trying.  but let’s break it down. Our old stuff Family gatherings can be especially trying.  There is a tendency to revert to who we were rather than be who we are now.  Sometimes it is we who revert,…

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An act of gratitude

A simple act of gratitude will change your life. The secret to happiness If you want to live a life overflowing with happiness all you have to do is be grateful when you are happy. Does seeing a beautiful vista make you happy?  When you see it, tell the Universe it makes you happy and…

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It’s All About Love

Lady Ashtar welcomes you

You might expect the Ambassador of Love to talk about “It’s All About Love,” and you would be right! During our Valentines Zoom session Ashtar reminded us that we will not find love outside ourselves if we cannot first find it within us.  I hope you enjoy the video with this message. We are the…

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Ashtar inn Albuquerque!

Well, it seems my traveling bug has bitten again!  After a month home I am ready to take to the road again.  This time I will be returning to a place that has such fond memories for me; Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to visit our…

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The wisdom of Ashtar

As this blog is delivered, I am enjoying my first days of the Winter 2018 Japan tour.  I am very excited about the next six weeks or so as I visit Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, the Tanashi Shrine, the Shitenno-ji/Shitenno Shrine, Yokohama, Jiyuugaoka, Sagamihara, Gotanda and Tachikowa.  Whew! that seems like a lot!  That means there…

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