Who is most important?

Prayer in all things

Ask yourself, “Who is most important?”  Are you going to say, “my children?” or “my family?”  Take a moment and think about it honestly.  You cannot give what you do not have. The importance of re-filling yourself As Ashtar tells us so often, “To receive unconditional love, you must first give unconditional love.”  That means…

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Your 2023 Intention

Lady Ashtar

Your 2023 Intention from Ashtar is ready! The New Year Message session Last Wednesday evening an extraordinary group of people joined us live and on Zoom to enjoy hearing Ashtar as he told us about 2023.  If you were part of this session, thank you so much!  If you could not make it, put it…

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The new year

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons

The new year is almost here.  Prepare to sparkle1 Get a glimpse into what is to come As we like to do, Ashtar will be giving the New Year Message this coming week.  Wednesday, December 28 from 6-9PM Pacific time in fact.  Ashtar will be giving us a glimpse into what is to come for…

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New Year Message

Lady Ashtar in her meditation garden

It’s that time of year again, time for Ashtar’s New Year Message! Get a head start on 2023 Ashtar doesn’t tell fortunes.  There are just too many variables to predict this is going to happen or that will happen.  What he does is to tell us what is likely to transpire in the coming year.…

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Happy 2021

Ashtar and I wish you a very happy 2021.  On New Year’s Eve we hosted our annual message for the new year on zoom. We were delighted that so many of you joined us. Thank you! If you have read The Lady Ashtar story  I had a segment about Ashtar leading me to a store…

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Ashtar’s New Year Message

Offering Ashtar’s New Year Message publicly is something we have been doing for several years now.  Most of the time the message is recorded in my office but year we are doing something a little different.  We are offering you the opportunity to sit in as Ashtar, the 11th dimension Ascended Master, goes live on…

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The secret code

The secret code for Ashtar’s New Year Message for our subscribers is: ANYM.  As a subscriber to Ladyashtar.com you qualify for this special discount.  When you go to the store on Ladyashtar.com you will see a very fun picture of me getting ready for Christmas in my magical hat. In fact it looks just like…

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Better be nice!

I've been good

  You better  be nice is the wisdom of the old song as we approach Christmas, but one thing I know about Ashtar’s people, they do their very best to be nice all year long.  We at Ladyashtar.com want to be nice too!  That’s why we are doing something very special this year. Ashtar’s New…

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Ashtar's New Years message

Happy New Year!  Here we are on the verge of leaving 2018 and beginning 2019.  Such an exciting moment, isn’t it?  Well, Ashtar wants to share his message for you in this video.  As for myself; I want to thank you for being part of the Ashtar family this year, and I truly hope you…

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The winter schedule

I truly hope you had a wonderful celebration of the New Year.  Now that the festivities are completed once again it is time to turn my attention to the Ashtar events we will be having as the new year begins.  Tonight we begin with a group with Becki Kapono in Rancho Bernardo, at 6:00 PM.…

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