Such a busy week!

Love on the beach

I don’t know about you, but in my home this is such a busy week! Take the time Even when your life gets busy, there should always be the time to do a Random Act of Kindness here and there.  Sometimes we think of these events as something that we do with people outside our…

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The new year

Lady Ashtar, Terrie Symons

The new year is almost here.  Prepare to sparkle1 Get a glimpse into what is to come As we like to do, Ashtar will be giving the New Year Message this coming week.  Wednesday, December 28 from 6-9PM Pacific time in fact.  Ashtar will be giving us a glimpse into what is to come for…

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Hello again!

First of all, let me apologize for the lack blogs this month.  Ashtar and I went to Albuquerque in January and met with so many delightful people.  During the visit we video taped hours and hours of Ashtar talks which we have been editing to share with you.  I hope you will find as much…

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