Slow down

Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar, looks at the world by living in compassion

It’s time to slow down.  Since the middle of September we have been on the fast track of time.  Halloween decorations went up then only to be quickly moved aside by Thanksgiving decorations.  No sooner did the Thanksgiving decorations begin to appear, Christmas decorations made their appearance.  Because of this we have been living three…

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the joy of a sweet treat

What brings you Joy?  Is it activities, people, locations, situations?  Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer here, only right answers. This month As we have traveled together through September Ashtar has encouraged you to reflect upon your life and how you want it to be.  He has reminded you that your life is a…

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Lady Ashtar, Create!

I know you create your life.  You know that what you experience is a direct result of your viewpoint.  Now, it’s time to put these truths into practice. Want to be happy? No matter how happy you are right now, there is another level of happiness to be experienced.  For the past few months Ashtar…

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Southern California!

I am back home in California again, which means I have to get used to driving on the other side of the road!  Between now and September 16, I will be holding sessions with Ashtar in Murrieta (9/2) Carlsbad (9/6) Carlsbad (9/8) Encinitas (9/9) Ramona (9/10) Rancho Bernardo (9/15) and Bonsall (9/16).  All the contact numbers,…

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