Lady Ashtar at Delphi asking the question; Why?

Why, if there is a God, a Universal Presence which loves and supports us, is there war? The eternal question During my visit to the Temple of Apollo and Delphi last month Ashtar addressed the eternal question. The Temple of Delphi is an amazing structure.  Built by hand over 2300 years ago.  People came from…

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Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is all the stuff you have learned through your years, facts, figures, dates and the like. Not the same What we are talking about here is not the same thing as wisdom.  Ashtar has done an intention on wisdom recently which you can view on You Tube if you missed it.  But to put…

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It is never too late.

As I contemplate the final few hours of this summer tour of Japan my mind goes back over the many, many people who have supported me this past month.  I have done my best to tell each and every one of them how much I appreciate their love, their help, their laughter, but I know…

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