Reach Out

Lady Ashtar reaches out in love and World Peace

It is time to reach out to those who will support you in allowing your Inner Child in play. Labor Day At the end of this week we will be celebrating Labor Day.  For some people this means the end of Summer, but it’s not really, the end of summer is September 23.  I like…

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Join us on Zoom!

I am so excited!  The Lady Ashtar International team has arranged a real Group Session with myself and Ashtar on Zoom! This will be a full group session, just like we used to do in locations across the U.S.  Ashtar will give a message to the group, then he will introduce you to the guide…

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Ashtar's Christmas Message

Yes, I know this is not actually Christmas, but even Ascended Masters sometimes have a challenge with our earthly internet!   We asked Ashtar to send you a message and he came through right on time.  I hope you enjoy what he has to say and that you will carry his message in your heart…

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