It’s All About Love

Lady Ashtar welcomes you

You might expect the Ambassador of Love to talk about “It’s All About Love,” and you would be right! During our Valentines Zoom session Ashtar reminded us that we will not find love outside ourselves if we cannot first find it within us.  I hope you enjoy the video with this message. We are the…

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The Ambassador of Love.

Wishing on love

The Ambassador of Love is one of  Ashtar’s titles.  You may know him as Commander Ashtar, or Lord Ashtar but love is the reason he comes through me.  And since we are coming up on one of the most popular days to celebrate love, what better time to join the Ambassador of Love than on…

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Thank you from Ashtar

, A great big thank you from Ashtar and myself!  Our January Zoom session has booked to overflowing.  As an ascended master, Ashtar doesn’t have to consider the time factor.  Those of us who are living on the 3rd dimension do have to watch the time.  We want everyone who attends our session to get…

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