Abundance in Love

Love on the beach

This month Ashtar has been doing a series on Abundance.  This week it is  abundance and love.  How do we find the abundance in love? The key is your intention Love is everywhere.  Just ask anyone who has just gone through a break-up.  Everywhere they turn all they see are couples in love.  This can…

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Prism Children

On Sunday January 30, 2022 Ashtar introduced the Prism Children to the world.  This was one of our monthly Zoom sessions which have, for a little while longer, replaced our regular in-person sessions. Who are the Prism Children The Prism Children are the successors to Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow and Star Seed Children.  All these other…

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Are you trying to support too many others?

People who love, people who care about other people often fall into a trap which can cause them harm.  It is the trap of trying to support too many other people.   Trying to save the world on their own shoulders.  This can lead to physical as well as emotional pain.  In this video Ashtar…

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