The God Within

Is it too much for you to absorb that you have the God Within?

What an amazing understanding

Ashtar has been teaching beings from around the Universe for countless years.  As the Ambassador of Love he has been free with spreading this one truth; you are an out picturing of God.  As such you have every power you could ever imagine.

You are able, right now, to manifest anything, and I mean anything.  So the question is, why do we put ourselves through so much stuff?  Why the suffering?  What’s this idea of lack?  Now I would like you to stop a moment and think about it.  I will wait.

Everything is right here

Whatever it is you want is within your reach.  Right now.  When we take a step back from the noise of everyday life we can see this is true.  Whatever you are at this moment has been a creation of your making.

Before you throw in the towel remember; if what you are and what you have are not to your liking you can change them.  The same process which brought them into being can change whatever it is.  No guilt associated.

We are on a journey.

Life is a journey.  A journey will last (for most of us) somewhere around 2000 times.  Each time we embark upon a new journey we set our intention.  What transpires is in direct relation to our intention.  Because we are not doing this just one time we need not fear we messed it up.  We are attracting  the experiences necessary to complete our path.  How could it be any different if our power is The God Within?

Be easy

I invite you to rest with this idea, to let it flow through your being.  Many changes we seek today will manifest immediately.  Some of the changes we place into consciousness may require another lifetime or two to appear.  In any case, be easy.   You are on your perfect path and the only restrictions upon you are those you impose yourself.

I invite you to let this week’s intention wash over yourself several times.  Absorb the subtle meanings within.  It’s all there.  All the power you could ever desire are already within.  This is the God Within.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,