The Spiritual Principle of Will

The Spiritual Principle of Will is one of those thought processes which are so much fun.

Is it my choice?

Let’s start this way; when you do something is it through your will or Universal Will that you are doing it?  Certainly we all have free will.  That’s something to remember all the time.  We cannot blame our actions on another person.  For that matter we cannot blame our actions on anything besides ourselves.

I am not a fan of the word “blame.”  When we place blame on ourselves or others we are looking for an excuse.  Now when we accept responsibility, that’s a whole different thing, don’t you agree?  But within our actions we are sometimes called to decide if what we are doing is our choice or that of the Universe.  We can spend a lot of time looking at that question!

Universal Will

When we are patting ourselves on the back for a wise decision perhaps we could take a moment and thank the Universe for its part in that wisdom.  We are constantly provided opportunities to achieve the goals we set forth before coming into this lifetime.  Yes, we may have made a wise choice but the opportunity and tools to make that choice have their beginnings in Universal Will.

Brian and I take a moment at least twice a day to say thank you for all the good that is in our lives.  That good would certainly include the guidance we receive from the Universe.  Prayer, if you will, is not a bargaining chip to get what we want.  The Universe wants us to have everything we desire.  Perhaps we could look at prayer not as “let’s make a deal” but as an acknowledgment that everything is working in perfect order,  The simple act of saying thank you.

The Intention Series

The Spiritual Principle of Will is the latest in Ashtar’s Intention series.  These two minute messages are intended to help us sharpen our cooperation with the Universe.  An opportunity  to grow each day.  Ashtar and I hope you are enjoying this material and that you will take advantage of the over 80 Intentions he has offered thus far.

Enjoy this video, The Spiritual Principle of Will.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,