Universal Alignment

The Spiritual Principle of Universal Alignment is a real mouthful, but what a wonderful confluence.  This week Ashtar’s video discusses just this joining of words.

It all comes together

This week, in the early morning sky you may be able to see a rare alignment of seven planets; a very rare sight.  You will have to get up (or be up) very early.  And a bit of help from a telescope might be needed.  Ashtar’s point is that this is a visual representation of everything being in perfect order.

So how does this apply to our everyday life?  We are not just a bunch of ball bearings in a microwave oven.  Even when our lives seem to be out of control, there is order within.  When our lives are at the most chaotic, that’s when creation is happening.

Trust the process

Yes, I know sometimes it is difficult to remain calm.  Our minds are working overtime trying to find solutions.  This is a great time to remember that we have a limited view of The Universe.  The very actions which seem most incomprehensible are where our growth takes place.

If we find ourselves doing the same comfortable things day after day, where is the growth?  Even when it comes to wonderful activities such as meditation, shaking it up once in a while is good.  If we don’t remember to change it up a bit, The Universe is very apt to do it for us.  Trust the Process.

A tongue twister

No matter how many times I look at the phrase, “The Spiritual Principle of Universal Alignment” it seems to have extra words in it.  Funny how that happens, isn’t it?  But when I rest with the concept it seems so simple.  Universal Alignment. Try it for yourself.

At the end of this week’s intention Ashtar encourages us to walk with The Universe as our guide.  I have to say, if I am going to have a guide I cannot think of a better one!

Enjoy the video and,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,



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